United States of Tara Season 3 Episode 11

United States of Tara is back! This week United States of Tara comes with title Crunchy Ice and you can watch it Monday June 13, 2011 on Showtime at 10:30/930c.

On Season 3 Episode 11 of United States of Tara Tara's alter Bryce has taken over Marshall's room and is wreaking havoc on the Gregson family. Marshall has moved in with Grandma Sandy to keep a distance from his family while he grieves the loss of Lionel. Meanwhile, Kate is spending more and more time with Evan and his son in St. louis, while Neil continues to pressure Charmaine into moving to Houston. One by one, Tara's other alters are disappearing and Max realizes he has to take action before Bryce can do any more damage.

So, don’t miss to watch United States of Tara Season 3 Episode 11

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