Law and Order: Criminal Intent Season 10 Episode 6: Cadaver

Law and Order: Criminal Intent Season 10 Episode 6: Cadaver

When a philanthropist who is funding a research grant disappears, Detectives Goren and Eames are called in to investigate. What they find behind the walls of a renowned research institute gives them plenty of suspects. But it is possible that one "tiger mother" could have inspired such a desperate act.

Criminal Intent follows a division of the New York City Police Department, the "Major Case Squad". The Major Case Squad investigates high-profile cases (in most cases murder) such as those involving VIPs, local government officials and employees, the financial industry, and the art world.

The series pays attention to the actions and motives of the criminals, rather than focusing exclusively on the police and prosecutions. A feature of each Criminal Intent episode is that the cold open always involves a series of cut-scenes that show events from the suspects' and victims' lives, leading up to the crime. Clues to the crime's eventual solution can often be found in this teaser sequence. Unlike other Law & Order series, most Criminal Intent episodes end in confessions rather than continuing to the trial phase.

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