China Sea Monster Found Dead

China Sea Monster Found Dead. A 5 foot ‘sea monster’ has been found washed up on a beach in China. The monster was found wrapped in fishing lines, and local fishermen known as Hwang cut it free from their nets because it was too big to haul in.

Scott Baker, a Marine biology of Oregon State University Marine Mammal Institute, Bill Perrin of National Marine Fisheries Service, and Bob Brownell of National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration’s Fisheries Service, said in a statement the creature is a whale.

“Judging from the reported size of 55 ft, it’s maybe a fin whale. From the photo, however, it does not really look to be 55 ft, and so might be a smaller balaenopterid, like one of the Bryde’s whales”

“We all hope somebody collects the bones and a tissue sample for genetic analysis as recovery of whale carcasses is rare along the coast of China,” Baker added.

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