Too Big To Fail - Watch Too Big To Fail Trailer

HBO has debuted the trailer for its upcoming film, "Too Big To Fail," based on the non-fiction book by New York Times reporter Andrew Sorkin's inside look at the financial crisis and the government's mammoth fiscal response.

On the Too Big To Fail Paul Giamatti playing Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke; Topher Grace takes on Jim Wilkinson, the Treasury PR man who fought against the bailout; Ed Asner plays Warren Buffet; and Cynthia Nixon is Treasury employee Michele Davis.

George Clooney will also produce, and possibly direct, his own movie about the financial crisis and bailout, centering on TARP administrator, Neel Kashkari. In "Too Big To Fail," Ayad Akhtar plays Kashkari, though no casting has been done for Clooney's film yet.


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