Oprah Winfrey Show

Oprah Winfrey Show. After 25 years, the time has come to say goodbye to Oprah Winfrey. The final episode of show aired this morning, leaving a massive hole not only in the daytime programming schedule, but in the hearts of viewers the Oprah Winfrey Show.

She ended her show on a simple, quiet note--a marked contrast to the spectacle of the two-day, celebrity-studded bash at the United Center that preceded the finale.
"There will be no guests, no surprises," she told her audience. "You will not be getting a car. This last hour is about me saying thank you. It is my love letter to you."

Winfrey said she was eternally grateful to her audience.
"Twenty-five years and I'm still saying 'Thank you America,'" she said. "Thank you so much. There are no words to match this moment."

Source: huffingtonpost.com

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