Mount Athos Monasteries on CBS 60 Minutes

Mount Athos Monasteries on CBS 60 Minutes. The CBS 60 Minutes scheduled to air on Sunday. The segment, "The Monks of Mount Athos", will recount 60 Minutes Correspondent Bob Simon's journey to a remote peninsula in North Greece that millions of Orthodox Christians consider the most sacred place on earth, Mount Athos.The "60 Minutes" teams were given unprecedented access to document monastic life on the Holy Mountain. The result is a portrait of a place rarely seen where prayer has been offered by holy men everyday, with no interruption, for more than a thousand years.

The "Monks of Mount Athos" will be broadcast Sunday, April 24, 2011 on the CBS Television Network at 7:00 PM EST. Harry Radliffe and Michael Karzis are the producers of the segment.

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