Federal Tax Forms 2011 available on IRS

Federal Tax Forms 2011 available on IRS: April 15 is a busy day in the United States. This is because April 15 is the deadline to file a federal individual tax return with the Internal Revenue Service if your tax year ends December 31. Most people will file a federal tax return and a tax return with the state where they live.

There are a lot of available federal tax forms on the IRS website. But, the problem for most tax payers is that they don’t know which tax forms they should use. There are three common tax forms – 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ. Among these three, the EZ is the simplest and shortest form. The 1040A is a bit more complex, while the 1040 is long and difficult to fill up since it requires a lot of details.

The IRS recommends e-file for Americans to file their taxes because it’s safe, quick, and easy to use. Doug Shulman, the IRS commissioner, explains:

“IRS e-file is the best option for everyone, especially for people impacted by recent tax law changes. E-file ensures people can file accurately and get refunds quickly. With a new legislative e-file mandate for tax preparers, we anticipate that more tax return preparers will be using e-file this year, and we urge people who prepare their own taxes to give it a try. IRS e-file is now the norm, not the exception.”

For other questions on filing income taxes, Americans can visit the Frequently Asked Questions on the IRS website, or they may call their toll-free number at 1-800-829-1040. (source)

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