Watch Young Justice Episode 3 - Young Justice Welcome to Happy Harbor

Young Justice Episode 3 is a new episode of Young Justice series and the title on Young Justice season 1 episode 3 is ‘Welcome to Happy Harbor’. The airing schedule of Young Justice ‘Welcome to Happy Harbor’ Friday January 21, 2011 at 7PM ET on Cartoon Network.

In this episode The members of Young Justice begin to wonder if their team is nothing more than a big joke, while Miss Martian feels there isn't room for her in the group. When the young heroes battle a villain named Mister Twister, they think it's only Red Tornado testing them.

Young Justice focuses on the lives of a group of teenaged superhero sidekicks and protégés attempting to establish themselves as proven superheroes and as teenagers dealing with adolescent issues grounded in the context of their personal lives.

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