Thomas Tew Rum

"Dirty Jobs'" Mike Rowe made a bit of Thomas Tew Rum with Newport Distilling Company. If you were planning on hibernating Tuesday evening before the storm hits, you can learn about how rum is made at Newport Distilling Company, on the Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs,” airing at 9 p.m.

“What we do in the show is take Mike Rowe through the process from the beginning – which is the fermentation of the molasses all the way through the distilling, the filtering, aging and bottling of Thomas Tew rum,” said Brent Ryan, one of the four original founders of the Newport Distilling Co. and the Coastal Extreme Brewing Co., which makes Newport Storm beer.

The “Dirty Jobs” episode, filmed in August, takes place at the company’s new location, 293 JT Connell Rd., where both Thomas Tew rum and Newport Storm are made. The beer accounts for about 90 percent of the business.

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