School Gyrls: A Very School Gyrls Holla-Day

School Gyrls is back. Nick Cannon’s “A Very School Gyrls Holla-Day” marked the return of the School Gyrls, whose Christmas special movie adventure involves the gyrls being trapped in a mall tonight on Nickelodeon at 9 p.m.

The first single for the “A School Gyrls Holla-Day” album is going to be “Going To The Mall”. The girls second movie debuted on December 4, 2010 on Nickelodeon and December 12, 2010 on TeenNick. The second album for the movie comes out December 14, 2010.

The ladies from the real pop group School Gyrls — Monica Parales, Jacque Nimble and Mandy Rain starred in their first TV flick earlier this year. The first movie, named School Gyrls, was the story of three freshman at Summerdale Academy, an exclusive all-girls boarding school, who come together to “battle it out against the reigning Teen Island stunt party champ and resident mean girls, the sophomore cheerleaders.”

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