Christmas Pudding | Christmas Pudding Recipe

Christmas pudding is a pudding traditionally served on Christmas Day. This pudding has its origins in England and Ireland. Christmas pudding sometimes also known as plum pudding, though this can also refer to other kinds of boiled pudding involving dried fruit.

Many households have their own recipe for Christmas pudding, but if you want to make your own Christmas pudding you can try the recipe below

Christmas Pudding, Christmas Pudding Recipe

350 g sultanas
350 g raisins, or currants
150 g dried figs, chopped
125 g mixed candied peel, chopped
100 g dried apricots, chopped
75 g dark glacé cherries, halved
150 ml brandy, plus some for flaming
2 apples, or quince
2 oranges, juice and zest
6 eggs
250 g shredded suet
350 g soft muscovado sugar
250 g fresh breadcrumbs
175 g self-raising flour
1 tsp mixed spice

1. You will need two 1.5 litre plastic pudding basins and lids, buttered, two old sixpences or two pound coins, scrupulously scrubbed, two circles of greaseproof paper, buttered, large enough to cover the top of each pudding, with a single pleat folded down the centre of each.

2. Soak the sultanas, raisins or currants, figs, candied peel, apricots and cherries in the brandy overnight. The liquid won't cover the fruit but no matter; just give it a good stir now and again.

3. Mix the grated apples, orange juice and zest, beaten eggs, suet, sugar, crumbs and flour in a very large mixing bowl, then stir in the soaked fruit and the spice. Divide the mixture between the buttered pudding basins, tucking the coins in as you go. Cover with the greaseproof paper, folded with a pleat in the centre.

4. Pop the lids on and steam for three and a half hours. Allow the puddings to cool, then remove the greaseproof paper, cover tightly with cling ?lm and the plastic lid and store in a cool, dry place till Christmas.

5. To reheat: steam the puddings for a further three and a half hours. Turn out and flame with brandy.


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