Whale Jumping on Boat

Whale Jumping on Boat – can you imagine how surprised when a Forty ton Whale Jumping on Boat? According to the reports a forty ton whale jumped from the sea and landed on the deck of a 33 foot yacht belonging to Ralph Mothes and Paloma Werner, of Cape Town Sailing Academy, destroying the boat’s and then returning to the sea!

Miss Werner said: "It really was quite incredible but very scary. The whale was about the same size as the boat."

"We'd spotted it about 100 metres away and thought that was the end of it. Then suddenly it was right up beside us.

"I assumed it would go underneath the boat but instead it sprang out of the sea. We were very lucky to get through it, as the sheer weight of the thing was huge.

"There were bits of skin and blubber left behind, and the mast was wrecked. It brought down the rigging too.

"Thank goodness the hull was made of steel and not fibreglass or we could have been ruined."

Whale Jumping on Boat

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Mark Brown said...

At least none of them got hurt. My granddad used to tell stories about his "ocean escapades"..well, that's what he called them.

I had him watch this video, and I asked him if it happened to him. He never did say, but at the end, he smirked and said, "Well, it might've been fun if it did."


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