Lady Gaga Today Show

Lady Gaga Today Show - Lady Gaga performed on the 'Today' show on Friday morning. You can watch Lady Gaga Today Show video below. According to the hosts of the "Today" show, 18,000 to 20,000 people showed up to see Lady Gaga Today Show performance.

Lady Gaga started her set with the classic Gershwin ballad 'Someone to Watch Over Me,' wearing an all-white ensemble of pants, a bra and a blazer. With dancers backing her, she took off the jacket and launched into her hit 'Bad Romance.'

After the commercial break, Gaga came out wearing a black suit and bra to sing her latest hit, "Alejandro." In the middle of the song, she asked the crowd to "put their hands up for your gay pride." She later shouted, "Hands up, little monsters. I love New York."

In the pouring rain, completely soaked, Gaga told the skies to "let it rain" as she belted out the last few notes of her song "Teeth." She then crossed herself and took a bow with her backup dancers by her side. And with that Gaga ended her epic "Today Show" performance.

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