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Nobunari OdaWho is Nobunari Oda? Oda, the Japanese men are on the verge of something special, and the Olympic Games would be a great place for a coming out party. Nobunari Oda has the third highest score this season, and has momentum carrying over from his silver medal win at the Grand Prix Final in December. Nobunari Oda is another example of a skater who has all of the tools that he needs to take his skating to the next level- he just needs to use them all at the same competition.

This season Nobunari Oda has seemed to pull everything together, winning both of his Grand Prix assignments, and finishing in second at the Final. The Japanese silver medalist has a tendency to skate scared in big events, and in his first Olympic games, Nobunari Oda could revert back to his old self. Should Nobunari Oda put his nerves aside, he could be the first Japanese man to win an Olympics figure skating medal.

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