Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears

Churchill Manitoba Polar Bears is one of the most searched keyword for today in but why Churchill Manitoba and the Polar Bears are famous today? Are people like to watch the polar bears on Churchill Manitoba, Canada? Churchill is a town on the shore of Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada. It is most famous for the many polar bears that move toward the shore from inland in the autumn, leading to the nickname "Polar Bear Capital of the World" that has helped its growing tourism industry.

In Churchill, Manitoba Tourists can safely view polar bears from specially modified buses known as tundra buggies. Use of the buggies helps sustain local tourism, but can also cause damage the local ecology when driven outside the established trails. October and early November are the most feasible times to see polar bears, hundreds of which wait on the vast peninsula until the water freezes on Hudson Bay so that they can return to hunt their primary food source, Ringed Seals. Local authorities maintain a so-called "polar bear jail" where bears who persistently loiter in or close to town, are held after being tranquillised, pending release back into the wild when the bay freezes over. Polar bears were once thought to be solitary animals that would avoid contact with other bears except for mating. In the Churchill region, however, many alliances between bears are made in the fall. These friendships last only until the ice forms, then it is every bear for himself to hunt ring seals.

So, what do you think about Churchill, Manitoba and the Polar Bears? Are you want to visit this place?

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