Earth Day 2011: Great Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day 2011: Great Earth Day Activities for Kids – 22 April is mark of Earth Day celebration. Many ways to celebrate earth day and one of them is Activities for Kids. Of course Earth Day is the perfect time to get kids involved in Earth Day art projects, music, crafts and anything else that celebrates the wonderful world outside. Here some great Earth Day Activities for Kids.

Make a Recycled Animal for Earth Day: Kids can learn about recycling discarded items while making a whole menagerie of colorful animals. Egg cartons, plastic bottles, corks, bottle caps, grocery bags, popsicle sticks and other household items can be turned into caterpillars, fish, camels, birds and insects with just a little glue and imagination.

Coloring Your World: If you looking for some easy coloring for Earth Day to keep younger children thinking about nature, you can visit the EPA's website for Earth Day coloring activities. This section of the EPA's site also includes links to other places with great ideas for celebrating Earth Day with kids.

Feed Our Fine-Feathered Friends: Birds are migrating back north this time of year -- help them on their journey by making an inexpensive pine-cone feeder for Earth Day. All you need is a pine cone, some string, and peanut butter (or lard -- this can be mixed with seeds, oats, corn meal or nuts). Smear the mixture onto the pine cone, and then hang it outside to attract cardinals, chick-a-dees and other birds.
So, are you ready to celebrate Earth Day 2011 with your kids? (source)

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