Sheldon Yellen Belfor Restoration CEO on Undercover Boss

Sheldon Yellen the CEO of Belfor Restoration cries on Undercover Boss. The new episode of Undercover Boss aired on Sunday, January 16, 2011 on CBS. On this episode showed the Belfor Restoration, Sheldon Yellen crying and revealing himself to an employee who didn’t get the raise that was supposed to accompany a promotion.
That person also believed that the company executives did not care about the employees.

When Sheldon Yellen addressed the employees at the final reveal, he admitted that he made some mistakes and announced there would be positive changes.
Sheldon cried again when he told everyone that it was the employees that make the company what it has become.

Belfor Restoration is a global company that restores fire- and water-damaged buildings for both companies and individuals.


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