Homeless Man with Golden Voice

What is the lates for the homeless man with golden voice? According to the reports Ted Williams, known as the homeless man with golden voice, has enjoyed several job offers since a video of his talent hit viral status this week.

"The voice became a development, and I went to school for it. Then drugs and alcohol became a part of my life. I got two years clean," said Williams in the YouTube video.

After seeing the video, Redditors in the Columbus area got to work trying to find ways to help Ted get back on his feet using his amazing talents.

The whole world is taking notice. Williams has been flooded with media requests and job offers, including from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"That lady offered me a full-time job with the Cavs and something about the mortgage of a home. I'm going with that. I mean after the offers I've had, I've had quite a few, I'll be working in Cleveland, Ohio! Yeah, I'm looking forward to that," said Williams on Wednesday.

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