The Little Vampire

The Little Vampire. Did you ever watch The Little Vampire? Little Vampire was released in 2000 and stars Jonathan Lipnicki, Richard E. Grant, Jim Carter and Alice Krige. On The Little Vampire Jonathan Lipnicki stars as 9-year-old Tony who befriends a young vampire named Rudolph who asks Tony to help him find an ancient amulet that will grant Rudolph and his family their ultimate wish ... to be human again.

Here’s the plot of The Little Vampire:
Tony Thompson (played by Jonathan Lipnicki) is an only child whose family has moved to Scotland from California. In the new country he has no friends and he is picked on by bullies at school, who happen to be the grandsons of his father's boss. It seems as though he is destined to suffer through his first year at the new school. However, he starts having recurring nightmares about vampires.

Life starts to get very interesting for Tony when he meets a young vampire named Rudolph (played by Rollo Weeks) who soon becomes his best friend. Rudolph has a sister Anna (played by Anna Popplewell) who develops a crush on him, and a brother Gregory (played by Dean Cook). His family have been looking for a mystical stone to turn them human, but an evil vampire hunter named Rookery (played by Jim Carter) wants the stone to send all vampires down to the Underworld. A battle ensues on a cliff with Tony, his parents, Rudolph's family and other vampires versus Rookery. Rookery is shoved off the cliff to his death by Tony's father, Bob, and Tony turns all the vampires back to being human and later reunites with the human Rudolph and Anna.

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