Honeyfuggle Definition

Honeyfuggle Definition: Honeyfuggle is a word that was used daily in the 19th century. Now, no one uses this word anymore. Last Public appearance of this Honeyfuggle was in Syracuse Herald in 1934 where President Roosevelt was “honeyfuggler the price of its time.” But, what is Honeyfuggle definition? Honeyfuggle is decived by flattery or sweet talk.

The flattery was usually assumed to be with an ulterior purpose, as here in the Atlantic Monthly in 1861: "His habit of 'log-rolling,' or, as the extreme Westerners call it, 'honey-fugling' for votes and support,had so grown upon him, that his sincere friends feared lest he would sink too low, and in the end defeat himself.

Guys, do you have the others definition of Honeyfuggle?

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