What is Melorheostosis?

What is Melorheostosis? According to wikipedia Melorheostosis is a medical condition where the cortex of the bone becomes wider. Melorheostosis can be readily diagnosed on X-Rays, with its characteristic "dripping candle wax" appearance and hyper-pigmentation appearing on the bone. It is thought to be caused by a mutation of the LEMD3 gene. It tends to be monostoic (affecting only one limb), but cases affecting multiple limbs, ribs, and bones in the spine have also been reported. There are no reported cases of bones in the head or face being affected. Melorheostosis can cause severe pain, physical deformity, skin and circulation problems, contractures, and functional limitation. In severe cases amputation is considered necessary. Melorheostosis is a progressive disorder, with the severity of symptoms often depending on the age of onset.

The disease received an unexpected promotion during Big Brother 12 (U.S.) when contestant Matt announced that his wife was suffering from the disease and was competing in order to fund surgery, when infact his wife does not suffer it, and was using the condition to earn sympathy.

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