Precious bathroom is…

It's a place that I can't live without. It's not a fancy place but you can make it to be fancy with some additional stuff. It's the most precious thing on me, hahaha... No, it's just bathroom anyway. But it's true that I can't live without it. Well, who could stand if you were not taking a bath by the way? I can't, neither to you, aren't we?

My bathroom isn't special, far away from the word of fancy too, but this is a place where I can enjoy my time for taking care my body with massage, lay down my head while I had awash with the bubbles, wash my hair, and many more. You see, perhaps my bathroom isn't too precious like fancy bathrooms in the hotels with shower enclosure, completed with underfloor heating so we won't slipped away by the soap water, and then bathrooms radiator so we can enjoy bathing with hot water, huge space, and many more. My bathroom is just five to eight meters square. But the best of it, I was comfort inside the room is.

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